Reading Progress

#15 – To the Lighthouse

Andi – Page 114 and really enjoying it!to-the-lighthouse-cover

Heather – Way ahead, for once. 🙂

Just finished #18  – Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

2 responses to “Reading Progress

  1. Interesting, Mom. I didn’t pick up on the racial portion of the Great Gatsby. I agree with you on Gatsby. I thought he was a bit of a wuss – watching life instead of engaging in it. Yet, he did not deserve the ending and I so wanted a happily ever after. I still wonder if Dolly knew who killed Gatsby. Heather says she doesn’t, I say she does. I think she refused to give up her life, she was too comfortable. Denial can be very convienant. Have a great weekend. READ!

  2. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    I just finished The Great Gatsby. Sad book. I enjoyed the character of Nick Carroway, but not Gatsby. Seemed like a weak man in the end but didn’t seem to deserve his ending. It was a statement on the rich class at that time and included other social comments throughout the book. You had a mob boss, servants, a black character, and other strange characters who mostly had more character than the main characters in the book exclusive of the mobster. There were several racial statements in the book, but the only person that helped the police, was a black man. Fitzgerald made an interesting plot with that thrown in and making his own statement. I enjoyed reading the book and it was an easy read compared to “U…” Still can’t believe that was number one. Hope all are reading and enjoying the books on the list. I have “Lolita” on order at the library, but will be out-of-town this weekend, so might download a couple of others to keep going.

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