About Heather and Andi

Join us as we read the classics!

Join us as we read the classics!

EM - Heather

EM – Heather

Heather was an English major (EM) in college and spent a lot of time reading Shakespeare and Chaucer. She still has the complete works of each in two large tomes, although admittedly they have occasionally been used to prop up cribs, kills bugs and flatten leaves over the past two decades. She discovered Jane Austen, her favorite author, shortly after discovering Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, when scores of other women discovered Austen, too.

She is journeying along this path of reading Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century with her friend Andi, who came up with idea after they saw the movie Julie and Julia together. After watching the movie while sitting on the floor of Heather’s family room juggling two newborns, keeping an eye on the other three kids, and balancing wine glasses, anything seemed possible.

When Heather is not reading and blogging to keep up with Andi, she is a writer and teaches developmental writing at a community college. She also tries to keep her household of husband, teen, tween, toddler and dog at a manageable level of organized chaos.

Visit her at her other blog as well – heatherpaquette.com

From Andi:

To remember something, I must forget something. I am at my memory capacity. This may be due to working full time, mother of two, sewing ministry, blogging with my friend Heather, wife, age or just too much adult beverage. Maybe all of thee above.

Hello and nice to meet you!

I am Andi the ME of EMME books. I am a nerdy mechanical engineer that desparately misses the right half of my brain. Couple this with wine and a good friend that listens and you have the beginnings of a blog! Join Heather and I on our journey of discovering not only our dormant right halves (which Heather is rediscovering in her new adventures but that is her story to tell) but also remembering that we are still more than mom, honey or coworker. We are intelligent women that have deep thoughts, interesting perspectives, witty insights and seek adult conversations. Join with us in our reading journey to see if an English Major and a Mechanical Engineer reviews of the same novels are even close. (Although Heather does have the unfair advantage of being trained in this field – I think I hold my own!)

Grab a book, any book and READ!!

5 responses to “About Heather and Andi

  1. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    Well, guess what? I ACTUALLY FINISHED ULYSSES!! My only comment is: Really………….number 1? Really, 23 pages of one run-on sentence and the I would forget who was thinking this. Too old to have read this. But don’t think I would have liked at 20. Hmmm…Didn’t know Wills could read…. Anyway, I also read “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” That was enjoyable. But the religion, sex and family themes were similar to “Ulysses.” I read “Brave New World” (with similar themes!), and really found myself enjoying that also. Pretty strange and was sad it ended the Can’t stand them.

    I lost some of my comments….I am reading “The Sound and The Fury” now and also has this “stream”…Yuk. Glad to see Wills in the group. Mr. A. missed him at the MD/WVU game on Sat. Mr. A and gang had a good time, and they had pork chops with cherry/balsemic glaze which we had last night with the left-overs. Very good. Talk to you all soon. I’ll keep reading even though I have to read a good mystery or romance novel between these “streams…”. Hope these comments make sense since I lost some of them. Might not make sense in parts!

  2. Excellent stream of consciousness Andi! If I did that, people would be afraid of me and not want to talk to me anymore. Plus there would be a lot of blank spaces (because I am guy and a lot of the time we think on absolutely nothing…I am serious). You two have a picked a pretty heavy book, good luck getting through it. I myself am struggling with the last Willie Mays autobiography:) Merry Christmas!

  3. When in the world do you crazy girls have time to read?! Good luck! I will wait for the movie to come out! :o)

  4. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    I’ll pick up the book at the library today I hope or tomorrow since it’s pouring rain here today. At least the stink bugs are in hiding. I also didn’t know that books were included in “prohibition.”

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