50 Reasons You Should Be A Bookworm

I’ve learned (or relearned) recently that I should always write my blog posts for the current tome before I start reading the next one! I have been neglecting my post for “To the Lighthouse” due to burning the midnight oil reading “An American Tragedy”, which is a real page-turner. Apologies!!

While I continue with that effort, please enjoy this awesome post that fits our project perfectly, reblogged from Qwiklit.com, one of my favorite sites. Be sure to read all the way to #50 on this list of “50 Reasons You Should be a Bookworm”.

Keep reading! – Heather


Let’s face it: I’m a bookworm. Some people might think that spending hours mulling over an old paperback edition of a Russian novel will help you with nothing. But there are many reasons why you should stop everything you’re doing right now and head to that odd-smelling used bookstore around the bend. Us bookworms know more than you think.

1. We know how to move on

Slaughter-house Five

2. We know how to get away with murder…and feel bad about it
Crime and Punishment

3. We know how to make the worst possible things sound pretty


4. We know how to Dress for the occasion

Great Gatsby

5. We know how to question authority…


6 …Even when everything seems perfect

Brave New world

We understand:

7. Those who others ignore

Curious incident

8. The oppressed


9. The Lost


10. The Blind


11. the Faithful

Brother's Karamazov

12. The Non-faithful

Father's and sons

13. The Drunk


14. The Addicted


15. The Good

Idiot Book Cover

16. The Bad

Brighton rock

17. …And the Ugly

Hunchback of Notredam

18. We…

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2 responses to “50 Reasons You Should Be A Bookworm

  1. LOL, ok that’s a deal. 🙂

  2. Love the post, but I think I’ll still let you read them first and then tell me about them while I sit breathless in suspense reading my genre fiction. 🙂

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