Get Ready, Get Set, READ!

Here it is another blog year.   In the era of EMME, it would be the year 3 P.E. (Post EMME Blog Beginning).  Heather and I are working behind the scenes setting our goals for the year and scheduling who will blog when.  Here is the plan —- Every week Heather and I will switch off the posts.  As you can read, I am the second up to bat for the New Year.  In true Andi fashion, I am bleating. You see, I was supposed to post on I, Claudius and well… I just am not feeling inspired to be witty.  The post would be as follows:

A book about Rome, I liked it. 

So, to keep with our goals, I am posting our plan and reading schedule.  I really hope I am beating Heather to it!!

To get in the spirit Heather watched, Julie and Julia, again.  The movie that started it all.

Unfortunately, I was not there in the motivation with a glass of red wine in one hand and a baby in the other.  Yet, I was there in spirit !!  I sought motivation by browsing our blog and rereading some of our wonderful pearls of wisdom and wit.  We really are interesting people!!  *Patting myself on the back and Heather’s back long distance*  It worked, here I am writing to you all once again and started the next book.

Here is the schedule for this year.  We are setting the bar low to allow us to actually meet our goals this year.  Granted it does mean we will finish the 100 novels when our 4 year olds graduate high school.  Looking back, this was started as a fun five-year project.  We are off schedule, yet on budget and the quality is top-notch.  View the goals of last year, here.  As Heather mentioned in her post, life does get in the way of reading now and again.  And a goal of one book a month takes a dismal turn downward when you hit a James Joyce or Malcolm Lowry tome.  So load up that Kindle, visit your local used book store, it…. Just get the books.

1. TO THE LIGHTHOUSE by Virginia Woolf (Jan/Feb)

2. AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY by Theodore Dreiser (Mar/Apr)

3. THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER by Carson McCullers (May/June)

4. SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE by Kurt Vonnegut (July/Aug)

5. INVISIBLE MAN by Ralph Ellison (Sept/Oct)

6. NATIVE SON by Richard Wright (Nov/Dec)

Get ready, get set… READ!!


7 responses to “Get Ready, Get Set, READ!

  1. Love this blogpost! Such a great list of books to read, and as someone with a literary blog, I really appreciate the fact that Invisible Man is up there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by!! We are having fun with the books and find humor somehow in every tome! I look forward to checking out your blog, too. Kindred spirits. Come read with us, the journey has been fun!

  2. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    Okay, I’m motivated now. I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks, so I’ll load up my reading materials for the trip! I’m still back a few books, but I’ll try to get caught up.

  3. I love the blog you guys have! I read it each time you post!

    Miss you Andi!! ❤️

    I wish I could read with you guys…unfortunately, I am stuck reading books about construction systems and AIA documents, etc. reading your books would be so much more fun! 🙂

  4. Heather Paquette

    Love, Love, Love except for where you actually linked to our 2013 goals – we posted those?! LOL. I’m not sure I can top the I, Claudius review because that about sums it up, but I’d better fire up the Kindle so we can sail over that low bar!

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