MIss us?

Well Hello my friends! It’s been a long time since I blogged. I am not sure if I am relieved that no one posted in our absence or upset that no one noticed we were gone! I am sitting in a waiting room for a toddler dance class and am not feeling the zen I normally do while blogging. It could be the squeals of delight, scurrying of ballet slippers, buzz of parents talking, or the tap tap tap of tap shoes. All of which are delightful but not conducive to writing. …. Which reminds me….note to self…ear plugs for dance class.

To catch you up on Heather and myself…

Andi quit her job of six years, a wild hair it is supposed up the derrière. Up and moved the family to another state. To do what, you ask? Good question! Andi is trying to find a job and start up a business while living with her parents. She left her hometown over 20 years ago with no intention of ever returning to the place “where the cows roam free”. Upon arrival an unusual calm settled in, the geography, landscape, even the smell was home. The places she worked, the roads travelled, the lost friends she pondered about. Soon she was reverting to her 16 year old self (minus the benefit of a slimmer younger person), she cruised her old haunts and smacked her younger brother up side the head. Yet, she didn’t experience the fulfillment as remembered in the past, she does admit the whack in the head was fun. Some things change and some remain the same. Cliché but true. She is a different person now and so is the sleepy town she left. On most days she can be found lying in bed, sucking her thumb contemplating the wisdom of her decision to move back ‘home’ wondering why it is so COLD.

Upon Andi’s departure, Heather succumbed to a malaise. After crying for days and babbling Elizabethean literature, she emerged with a reserved contentment with a long distance BFF. To fill the gap lost by Andi’s decision, Heather chose to return to grad school, while working full time and part-time, AND being mother of three. EM and ME are out for wild and crazy adventures once again!

So there you have it a summer of change and the unknown future. I am armed with a lap top, a new library card and I, Claudius – the possibilities are endless!

Grab a book, any book and READ!!!

Missed you all!!


7 responses to “MIss us?

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  3. Wow, that was a highly accurate assessment of my reaction to the summer of change! Hi to Will and Petie. 🙂 I’m a quarter of the way through I, Claudius and dusting off the keyboard…

  4. And the lapse is over…EMME hath returned! One blog to rule them all. 🙂

  5. And I miss you muchly, too!!! Good to know someone missed us!! Next blog for me is in edit form – stay tuned!!

  6. So glad you’re back blogging! I missed you gals!

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