Volcanos in Mexico? Who Knew?

I have finished Under the Volcano by Malcom Lowery and have many thoughts. Usually I am the tongue and cheek commenter on the blog but I find myself not being able to do that this time. First, this is a serious novel and second I can’t find a thing to be ‘cute’ about. So let me begin by saying I will have more than one post on this book to keep in my thinking as I read the book.

The first item of note is the fact that I know absolutely NOTHING about Mexico. Nada. How sad since it is the country that borders us to the South. I live a mere Gulf away. That is the extent of my knowledge. So off to Google Maps I went with my copy of Under grasped in my mitt. The story takes place in a town outside Mexico City named Quauhnahuac. I think Lowery describes this best.

“Two mountain chains traverse the republic roughly from north to south, forming between them a number of valleys and plateaus. Overlooking one of these valleys, which is dominated by two volcanoes, lies, six thousand feet above sea level, the town of Quauhnahuac.”

Did you know that Mexico had volcanoes? Me either. Zooming out on the map I realized that I could walk-boat-walk exactly SW from my home and I would be under the volcanos. Interesting. I know this is admitting ignorance on my part. I had an epiphany; I could get to Mexico across the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico touches – yup – Mexico. Who knew?

Another interesting thing I noticed on the maps… the end of the alphabet. X Y and Z. Tlaxcala. Veracruz. Yucatan. Zacatecas. Oaxaca. Iztaccihuatl. Combinations of letters that I normally do not see. Fascinating.

Next up Wikipedia!

Largest city and the capital is Mexico City.

Population: 115,296,767.

Currency is the Peso.

Time Zone: UTC ???

National Language: Spanish

Interesting facts about Mexico. As usual I learned something I did not know prior to starting the tome. Go learn something. GRAB A BOOK, ANY BOOK AND READ!!


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