Long Book About a Dysfunctional Family – ugh!

Sons and Lovers was good for the first half and then.  YAWN!!!  I drug through this one.  Not as bad as a Joyce novel but a snoozer none the less.

I found I was more interested in the supporting characters, the father and sister, who we do not really know other than through the main characters eyes.  The father is painted as a horrible drunk yet he stays with his wife and family working in the mines providing as he can.  He visits his sick wife in the hospital yet we are supposed to believe he does not care for her.  The sister ends up taking care of the sick mother while her brother works and galavants around town.   Does she see the strange relationship between mother and son?  What makes her so grounded and her brother such a fruit cake?

Let us discuss the main characters, shall we?  Paul and his Mother.  Can we say unhealthy relationship, boys and girls?  I really didn’t care what happened to Paul.  I didn’t like him.  He was a spoiled, womanizing twit who thought way too highly of himself. I didn’t like his mother.  She was a hard woman that wasn’t strong enough to deal with what life dealt her.  Instead choosing to live through her son making the best of her own life.   I really thought their relationship was over the top.  Am I really to believe that Paul was having sex all over town yet adored and ‘loved’ his mother – in a creepy and uncomfortable way?  I think Humbert Humbert’s relationship with Lolita was a better written, believeable creepy.

I did find some portions interesting such as the work day being over 12 hours long (pre-unionization, obviously) and that walking was the way of life.  No wonder obseity wasn’t a problem back then.  A harder yet simpler time.

So there you have it.  Sons and Lovers rates up there with Ulysses in my book.  An extremely long book about a dysfunctional family.

Up next..  The Grapes of Wrath.  So far so good for me.  I am enjoying it.

Grab a book, any book and READ!!


One response to “Long Book About a Dysfunctional Family – ugh!

  1. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    I agree with your comments. I had to make myself get through this one and supposedly was semi-autobiographical. Yuck! I thought Paul treated women awful. He used them and discarded them at will. He couldn’t maintain a decent relationship with anyone. When he became “friends” with Clara’s husband, that was it for me. Wikipedia said that he was probably biosexual and I think that the relationship with Clara’s husband was just that. I felt bad for Miriam because he took many years from her when she could have met someone else and had a different life. You hope that is what happened to her in the end. One would think her brothers would have stepped in and pushed Paul out of the picture. Was Paul really going to the farm to be close to Miriam’s brothers? At this point in time, writing about homosexuality was probably not correct and woulsn’t have gotten published.

    It also struck me that Paul was supposed to have loved his mother so much, but in the end, killed her. What was that all about? How can you love someone that much, kill them and not think much about the deed. I didn’t like the way that was written. It was a bizarre end to the relationship with his mother. It seemed to be glossed over in the story with little emotion depicted by Paul even though he wanted the reader to believe she still affteced him; that part I didn’t believe. It was more that she was a nuisance at the end and he and his sister wanted to be done with the interference. After that, the book came to an abrupt end it seemed to me. You don’t know iwhat he did with his life after her death, just that he walked into town.

    Well I didn’t hate the book. That’s the best I can say. Lawrence seems to treat women badly in all the characters in the book. Paul treated them as his tools of opportunity and gave nothing in return. That was true of his mother too.

    So on to another book. I just ifnished “All of the Flesh” which was very different from this. I enjoyed it, but women were also not in good stead in this book. But another review for that one!

    I will keep reading…… in Florida soon with the gagng there!! Please excuse any typos. I’m not going to proof this. I’m ready for lunch…

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