Darkness at Noon Unexpectedly Good

I liked Darkness at Noon,  really liked it.  As I write this post, I am trying to understand why I enjoyed a book about such a oppressive place and time in history.  As I discussed, I did use the time to look into Russia history to determine if this book paralleled any portion of the Bolsveik revolution.  I love learning something new maybe that was it?  No.  Not quite.

Maybe it is growing up in the suburbs of  Washington, DC.  I found this book full of political intrigue. Or as I call it “The Game”. Politics is a game, a brutal game and those that win are in power, the losers analyze The Game and where they mis-stepped. Some would call it the organizational culture and the social norms of your place of employment.  I am telling you it all is The Game. You know what I am talking about – all the unwritten rules to get ahead, who to be aligned with, who to not socialize with – pick a side, like in dodge ball.  Hope you pick the right side.  Yet what do you do when your alliances make you successful, you win The Game, right?  Maybe not… the rules continue to evolve and change.

Darkness at Noon is a book about The Game and how the rules of The Game can change as alliances change. In this story we follow the demise of the idealists as The Game changed.  The new regime was setting the rules and our main character is the last survivor of the old regime.  He played The Game as long as he could yet he questions the rules and the purpose as he knew them.  Were all the horrible things he did really not for the greater good?  I think he tired of politics and keeping up with the ever changing rules choosing instead to convince himself of the idealists view and taking the high moral ground (in his view). Or did he simply convince himself he won and ease his conscience?  Regardless, he gives in to The Game and lets it play out to his last move.  Brilliantly played, brilliantly told!

What do you think?

Grab a book, ANY book and READ!!!



One response to “Darkness at Noon Unexpectedly Good

  1. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    I just read Andi’s comments on Darkness at Noon and agree with most of it. I think at the end of his life he was looking back at all of the things he did during his life and trying to justify them as well as reconcile them in his mind. He did horrific things in his life as a “revolutionary” and now looks back on them in regret. Is this just because he knows he is going to die? I’m not sure in real life that he would change how he lived his life if he wasn’t going to be killed. He betrayed various people throughout his life. He also lived outside of Russia for long periods of time. Why was that? Because he wanted to recruit new members or because he liked the freedome of the countries in which he operated? He justifies his actions with the setting and does that make him a better person at the end of his life? I don’t see it. I did enjoy the book. It was a very interesting read. I’m heading out on vacation and went to Wonder Books and bought the next 10 books. I’m reading Sons and Lovers now. Take care all, and READ!!

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