Quick look, is my modifier dangling?

I had to reblog this one laughing because I bet Heather owns the hardback version.  She is an editor at heart, bring on the semi-colon she knows how to use one!

Elements of Style.

This one is for my dear friend Heather.  The woman that stilled her red pen while reading James Joyce. ( See H- Final thoughts on Ulysses  ) I wonder if he had a similar book for reference?  NOT!!

Elements of Style is always near by on my desk at work.  This engineer attempts to be good at grammar.  The darn who and whom will always trip me up.  How about lay and lie?  Bring and take? Then and than?  Effect and affect?  Oh MY!

Bless Heather’s heart to teach aspiring college bound students to who’s, why’s and what fors.  Me… numbers, give me numbers!  3.14159 RAH!

What is your favorite grammar nit pick?  hang up? pet peeve?  I KNOW we all have them.  Let us know!

Grab a red pen, raise it in the air and yell “RAH!”  then Go READ!!


3 responses to “Quick look, is my modifier dangling?

  1. Ah the power of the red pen!! I could go on and on and on about there, their and they’re, its and it’s, should have, should’ve and should of (should of – no such phrase!!! Don’t use it!), etc. etc. Love the post!

  2. I own Elements of Style too! LOL. My favorite nit to pick is Yea and Yeah… Folks never seem to get those right.
    Best always

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