Stalin, Lenin and Russian History

Who knows what you can learn reading a book? A little Russian history? As I read Darkness at Noon I couldn’t help but wonder a bit about Russian history. I know, I know Andi and History are not friends. I took Art History in college and it was harder than Fluid Dynamics. Remember dates, titles, artist AND symbolism? Bah. Give it to me in an equation and numbers I can do that! I digress. This book made me wrack my brains about what I knew about Russian history. Um… communism, cold war, wall falling.  There you have it the extent of my Russian history.

I wondered if the similarities to this fiction and Number 1 were paralleled to real history. Well lo and behold they are. I know one of our blog followers is a self-proclaimed Russian nut so I am sure she will have much more to say on the topic then I and definitely more informed.  (Grace)  I began my research with my favorite Wikipedia (HA, you thought I was going to say Google!)   My quick review found that Lenin and his Bolsheviks were the same as Rubashov and his cronies. As we follow Rubashov we follow the demise of the original Communist idealists. It seems that Lenin was one of the idealists (not sure it was working for USSR at the time but go with it) and Stalin the young, power hungry reformer.  Stalin was one of the young idealists and a follower of Lenin.  Stalin is Number 1.  Some letters discovered after Lenin and Stalin’s deaths, told of a weakening Lenin warning his closest friends of the power hungry Stalin.  They should be wary of Stalin and keep to the idealist view.  Unbeknowest to Lenin, his closest advisors changed sides and became Stalin supporters.  Interesting to think how it all could be different.  Fascinating.

Welcome your thoughts!

Grab a book, any book and READ!!!


2 responses to “Stalin, Lenin and Russian History

  1. You’re the first person to make me laugh while reading about Lenon and Stalin!
    Best, Petie

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