Everglades, Seminole Indians, Fly Boats, Mosquitos and Love

Who needs more I ask?  ME!  I want to read more about the interesting characters.  Today I received a signed cover of this book from the author and I am tickled to pieces to have one!!  Despite me calling her and telling her it was all her fault that I was exhausted for two days.  I stayed up waaaaaaay too late reading her book.  Have you had one of those books?  You just would read a few more pages to find out what happens?  Next thing it is midnight and work is the next day?

I am getting ahead of my post.  Shall I back up a bit?

A week or so ago I was having a fantastic conversation with a co-worker/friend of mine and Yes it was work related – for a change.  She asked what the date was and I informed her that it was May 21st.  Her reply,  nonchalantly, ” Oh? Today is the day my book is published on Amazon.”  ERT!  Rewind.  Published on Amazon?  Genre? Romance?  Really?  How absolutley cool is THAT?  She was humble but, as I can be, I was pushy.  Tell, tell!

I am proud to say I know the author Petie McCarty (A commenter on our blog!  Our first semi-famous person!) and just read her second book Everglades.  She asked if I would review it and to be honest.  Seems authors do like to hear reviews and obtain feedback – go figure!

Everglades is a love story based in – you guessed it – The Everglades.  The characters, as any good romance novel will have, are fun, and quirky.  I loved them immediately.  The dark, dashing Seminole, Skye, and fiesty, strong, phtographer, Kayli and I was hooked.  The story got me from the beginning.  I enjoyed the description of the flora, fauna and wildlife of the our dear protected wetland.  You knew that the author had real life experience in the Everglades to write such wonderful description of the area. (Which I happen to know is true!) Although I enjoyed the plants and bugs, I could see some readers taken aback by too much about the landscape and scenery. (Sorry Petie, you asked for it).  The fly boat trip ends (and an interesting ending!) and the story continues fast paced and passionate from there on.  I was in hook, line and sinker and wanted to know how the story turned out.  Instead of focusing on only the two main characters, other characters are added and provide a nice backdrop to the story.  It left me wanting to know what became of the other characters and to hear their stories, too.  As with any good romance novel there is a happy ending which I LOVE!  (I think I mentioned that before)

The ending brings in a bit of Indian mysticism and lore that I enjoyed but would like to have had it developed a bit more through the story.  The hints are there yet I think some of the subtly may be lost on a few.  All in all I was quite satisfied with the book!  I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a nice love story that isn’t X-rated.

Well done Petie, well done!

Grab a book, any book and READ!!


One response to “Everglades, Seminole Indians, Fly Boats, Mosquitos and Love

  1. I will need a nice love story after Sons and Lovers!

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