Gatsby is Coming

Another of the top ten! Heather talked about the upcoming movie in her blog post – and here it comes! Sounds like a girls day out to me!

Medium Roast

At some point in everyone’s education, they probably have, or will have read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I hardly feel the need to talk about this book in detail because of how well-known it is. In fact, you’d think people were sick of talking about this book because of how often it’s discussed. But no! It’s not possible to ever stop talking about this book because it is one of the most incredible books ever! Sure, it’s one girl’s opinion, but it’s shared by enough people that I feel justified in exclaiming it with exorbitant levels of cheer. Each time I re-read it, it just blows me away.

Know what else blows me away?

The trailer for the new movie.



Now I know most people hiss and cower from a movie rendition of a book, but for me it depends on what the movie…

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