A – 100% Through and New Vocabulary Words

I am really enjoying reading Catch-22.  The sarcastic humor hits home for me.  I love it!!   Since our forage throught James Joyce’s works,  I have not tracked my ‘new’ words.  I thought I would do it for this book.  As a technical person, my vocabulary is a bit limited.  I remember using fruition as fruation and being corrected publicly – embarassing!  it still sounds better to me!!!  I learned what it meant after I graduated college.  Sad I know – yet I can differentiate and integrate all sorts of variables with the best of them.  So There!  I decided to use a fun little program my son’s language arts teacher had him use for one of his assignments.  I love it!  Try it out!  www.wordle.net

Wordle: Catch-22 Vocab


3 responses to “A – 100% Through and New Vocabulary Words

  1. Your son’s class is amazing. Love what I am learning from all the things they teach utilizing the internet. Thanks for sharing!
    Glad you’re still reading Catch 22. I am half through it and have cheated by watching about 45 minutes of the movie to see if I am keeping up with the characters. They are crazy, every one of them, crazy…

    • Debbie,

      Yeah! You are reading along!! LOVE it!! I am keeping up with your blog too. Am dying to try the bread recipe!!! Get ready for the next book… hurry up and finish this one!

      • I am on pg 265, almost there… with a third renewal from the library. aagh. Hopefully the next book will be a bit quicker.
        Beware of the bread, we have now eaten 12 loaves- 5 for Easter- it’s that good!!

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