A – Beginning at the End or End at the Beginning?

Helloooooo!  One last thought on The Sound and The Fury.  It was a good book.  (I am enjoying Catch 22 more!)  As you all know I like to research the author prior to or while reading a book.  I like to get into the persona of the storyteller and when I do, I find many interesting things.  Like writing Lolita while butterfly watching!  Faulkner was no different, I found an interesting tidbit.  Many of us that read the book were confused at the beginning of the book.  To begin a book from the perspective of a child trapped in an adult body is difficult.  I thought Faulkner was lacking in his writing skills, until I researched it further.  The epilogue that brought the story together for me and gave the distinct perspective I needed to understand the book was intended by Faulkner as a prologue!   His editors wanted it at the end so they put it there.

I wonder if it would it have made a difference in my enjoyment of the story.   It did tidy up the book for me as a epilogue and I must admit the ending would be lacking and leaving me wanting more if I had not read it. Therefore, I am glad I read on I usually do not.  Would I like to know the background before I began the journey?

Would the beginning have made more sense? No.

Would the book have had more depth to me? Yes.

Being a compatriot with the writer, I give the nod to Faulkner.. prologue.  It was as he wanted it to be written… keep it that way.  I really believe it would set the story up nicely.

Up next – Catch 22!!!  I am enjoying it!

Grab a book and read!!

3 responses to “A – Beginning at the End or End at the Beginning?

  1. This book was an augh. I had to reference spark notes to make sure I was getting the gist of the story. Augh. Moving on to Sons and Lovers!

  2. I agree. When a Pulitzer prize winning author tells his publisher he wants to add a prologue, they should do it, not just tack it on at the end!

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