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This post is part of the top 100 in a round about way.  As you all know, I am an avid reader.  I come from a family of readers.  With this comes the passing down of books, lots of books, we love books, any shape, size, color, genre – just books!  My husband and I purchase books, my parents, my brother, my friends and we share them all!  Well in the dawn of the digital age and the lack of space on my

Here be Dragons Bookshoppe

shelves, I searched for a used books store to give my library to.  Throwing a book away or recycling it was tantamount to a felony, I wanted to give the books  to someone who would enjoy them as we had. Lo and behold a used book store open in old town and off I went.  Answer to my prayers!   I dragged my big box of books (the first box) to the store to find it closed.  Down trodden, I turned to walk away and a very kind gentleman said – “She will be here soon, I just spoke with her.”  I struck up a conversation with this kind man and found that he was the proprietor’s father.  What a grand man.  He spoke so proudly of his daughter, her love of books and her dream to have a used book store.  Noticing that I had two 12 year olds in tow (Heather’s son and mine), he offered to take the box of books and give it to his daughter when she arrived.  This store has a policy of giving store credit with turned in books and he asked for my name to ensure I received my credit.  I assured him that it wasn’t necessary, I just wanted someone with a love of books to enjoy them as we had.  I verbally gave him my name and was sure he wouldn’t remember it.

Fast forward a few months, I stopped by the store to see if they had a copy of Catch-22.  Alas, no.  I told the women behind the counter of Heather and my quest and I had a copy of the top 100 with me.  She quickly looked up the next few books and found them for me.  Then asked me my name…. lo and behold I had a HUGE credit.  Her father had remembered and given his daughter my name.  I am embarrassed to say that I do not remember her name.  I will make sure I find it out though.  The woman behind the counter was indeed the daughter and we had a delightful conversation.  She loved that we were on our mission and said to call her when I was down with the books in hand with the next three books.  She offered to pull the next three and have them ready for me or call when she received a copy.  WOW!  Who gives that kind of customer service anymore?

So you see this wonderful store is related to the top 100.  If you are ever in Winter Garden please stop by and enjoy the store.  With the help she gave me the least I coudl do is give her a plug on our blog.  So visit the store –  I know I do.

Grab a book and read!!


One response to “A – Here Be Dragons Bookshoppe

  1. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    So now I can bring the box of books in the garage to you next month! You can have then for store credit….

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