A – The hermit Crabb returns!

I am sorry that I have not been the blogging partner I should be.  I was sidetracked for a bit reading about Quality Engineering and how to audit processes and procedures.  Now, I know the difference between compliance and conformance.  So there!  It still didn’t make me long for James Joyce.  I am a nerd what can I say!  Now that the five, I repeat, five hour test is over and I can happily say I passed, I am back to being a blogging buddy for my dear friend Heather.

Would I reccommend the Certified Quality Auditor Primer for reading enjoyment? Uh. No, not unless you need a sleep medication… it will do the trick.  I enjoy the subject matter and had a hard time with it.  🙂

Then came the rush of the holidays and here we are!  I hope Santa was good to everyone and that your book shelves are full of new books, whether they be virtual or real!  I am ready to dive into Catch-22, one of my favorites.  I wonder if my years of life experiences will give a different view of the book.  Maybe I won’t need Cliff notes this go around.

Good to be back, remember to keep on reading!


One response to “A – The hermit Crabb returns!

  1. It’s great to have you back! :)H

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