Be a Rebel and READ!

Be a Rebel and READ!!

This week is Banned Books Week.  Can you believe in today’s society that there are still jurisdictions that ban books.  If you look at the lists over time, the number of ‘outlawed’ books decreases yet some of the same books are challenged time and time again.  A new addition to the list is Harry Potter by JK Rowling.  Really?  Really?  A book that spawned a generation of readers?  A book that introduced the joy of imagination to millions of children that never had known the pleasure of a good read.

I remember picking up my son from the YMCA daycare the day one of the books was released.  A majority of them were sitting or lying around READING!  It was incredible and a moment I will never forget.  I didn’t realized the impact of the book’s popularity until I saw the cross-section of ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and ages reading the SAME book.  Absolutely amazing!

ALA | Banned Books Week.

Take a few minutes and look at the list.  I DARE YOU!  Double dog dare you to read one of the top 100 with us that is/was on the list.  GASP!  Be a Rebel and READ!  I promise I won’t tell.


4 responses to “Be a Rebel and READ!

  1. Thank you 🙂

    True. Then again, parents can’t control much if their kids sneak around. I did that with the HP books cause my mom wasn’t too keen on me reading it.

    • You have a great point. The big ‘in’ book during my time was “Flowers in the Attic”. Wow! Mom you should never have let me read that one! Abuse, incest, etc. She had no idea. She reads this blog so she does now! I guess you do the best you can and hope! Thanks for the comments!

  2. In my country… HP isnt banned. Thank God for that!

    • Jeyna (what a beautiful name!)

      It is odd how we do things here. The books are banned by local cities or counties. So a small town library can control the content of its shelves. Others petition to get the books removed and the organization I referenced keeps a tally. Some requests are down right silly. in my opinion, if you don’t want your child to read the book due to the content… then don’t let them!! So HP gets peitioned to be removed for “witchcraft”. Crazy, I know but there are all types of people out there. I guess they have their right to voice as well as any one. Thanks for visiting!! Come back soon!

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