A – Reading Fiend and Loving Technology

Well well well, let me tell you about The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner.  I started this book and was chagrined that it was another steam of conscientiousness  book.  I really didn’t like it at first.  It jumped all over the place.  There was no plot, character development.  There was no structure and the logical engineer in me really wasn’t digging it.  I was lost and having horrid flashbacks to James Joyce.  Shiver…

I am happy to report, I changed my opinion on this novel.  As I got into the rhythm of Faulkner’s style, I began to enjoy it.  The plot developed, not in the normal fashion, but it did.  The characters are given more and more depth as more points of view are expressed.  I can understand why this book is in the top 100.  I had the same problem with Shakespeare.  I had to sit and read it all at once because I had to be in the rhythm to understand.  I wonder if that is my math side coming out?  Heather do you have the same?  This may be a difference in right brain, left brain thinking.

Digging further into my left brain, we have ventured into the world of Facebook and Twitter with our blog.  Yeah technology!  I love learning new things and figuring out how to get our name out there is a good one to learn.  First, follow us on Twitter @emmebooks or Facebook Emme Books!  See how I am loving the technology.  Keeping my brain active – both halves!!!

Well back to Faulkner… dying to know how it ends.  I have a feeling it won’t be tidy.  Remember to Read, Anything, just READ!!


3 responses to “A – Reading Fiend and Loving Technology

  1. I found it was easier to get into the rhythm of the book by staying with it for a period of time as well. I found the same with Ulysses – if I put it down for any length of time, I would completely forget where I was or what was happening!

    Linda – Lolita and The Great Gatsby were quick reads compared to the others, so you can definitely get caught up. Way to go!!

  2. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    No, I forgot about The Great Gatsby. So I have two to catch up. Hmmmm……

  3. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    I agree with you Andi. I just finished the book and really enjoyed it. The first part was confusing to me, but Benjy was a complex character to follow in his section of the book. Once I got past that, I also got into the swing of the novel. I was glad they included further notes from Faulkner as an appendix because it followed the characters further. Kind of like a movie with the pictures of the characters at the end with info about their future lives as in American Pie if I’m remembering correctly. He also included a type of geneology history of characters too. That was interesting and gave better understanding of how the characters developed into their strange lives. There wasn’t as much “stream” in this novel for which I was eternally thankful. Well, it’s time for church. I also need to go to the library and find “Lolita”. Then I’ll be up-to-date I think.

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