A – Y-O-Y Stream of Conscientious?

As I am reading The Sound and The Fury, I really am asking myself – Why?  Why oh why was stream of conscientious an ‘in’ literally style in the early 1900’s?  Why oh why did we pick the 20th century best novels?

Yet again we have an author that loves the method of stream of conscientiousness.  Heather must be cringing at the lack of grammer and punctuation.  I am understanding most of the story but find myself reading fast just as if the author were speaking fast.  Maybe that is because my mind is always racing so I assume everyone else’s does too.   I have a hard time following my thoughts let alone reading someone else’s.

Seriously, I do wonder why this style was so new and exciting in the at the time.  Look at the novels that use this style on Wikipeida.  Most are in the 20th century and few in the 21st.


Was  freedom of speech frowned upon?  Was life confining? Were the rules of society such that ‘real’ thoughts were taboo?  What you were feeling was never discussed in public?  Was life so structured that the unstructured writing style was liberating?  Was grammar and punctuation so strictly taught the writers needed an escape (or wanted to get even with there English teachers)?

I don’t find this style of writing in today’s novels.  I pose to you all out there… why then and not now?  What is different?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Remember to grab book… read anything… just read!!


One response to “A – Y-O-Y Stream of Conscientious?

  1. From Andi’s Mom – She accidentlly posted to the wrong spot……”Well, guess what? I ACTUALLY FINISHED ULYSSES!! My only comment is: Really………….number 1? Really, 23 pages of one run-on sentence and the I would forget who was thinking this. Too old to have read this. But don’t think I would have liked at 20. Hmmm…Didn’t know Wills could read…. Anyway, I also read “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” That was enjoyable. But the religion, sex and family themes were similar to “Ulysses.” I read “Brave New World” (with similar themes!), and really found myself enjoying that also. Pretty strange and was sad it ended the Can’t stand them.

    I lost some of my comments….I am reading “The Sound and The Fury” now and also has this “stream”…Yuk. Glad to see Wills in the group. Mr. A. missed him at the MD/WVU game on Sat. Mr. A and gang had a good time, and they had pork chops with cherry/balsemic glaze which we had last night with the left-overs. Very good. Talk to you all soon. I’ll keep reading even though I have to read a good mystery or romance novel between these “streams…”. Hope these comments make sense since I lost some of them. Might not make sense in parts!”

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