A – Living the Brave New World

Hello!  I must admit that this post is a bit tainted.  This time my dear, darling hubby read this book before I did.  He liked it and made a few correlations to today’s society.  Therefore I had a preconceived notion before I started reading.  Is that cheating?  I do not think so since I formed a few opinions myself!!

First, in tribute to my co-blogger a few quotes that grabbed my attention:

Our Ford himself did a great deal to shift the emphasis from truth and beauty to comfort and happiness.  Mass production demanded the shift.  Universal happiness keeps the wheels steadily turning; truth and beauty can’t.

First, the reference to “God” as Ford is fascinating.  Keep in mind that the time this book was written Ford was beginning the mass production of cars.  This was a prediction and with tremendous foresight to the impact of mass production.   Look around you… how many real choices do you have today?  There is no unique store anymore, you see the same thing no matter where you go.  Happiness will prevail whether you want it to your not.  Creativity?  Choice?  A thing of the past?

Getting rid of everything unpleasant instead of learning to put up with it.

This struck a chord in politics.  Yes, that is unpleasant but that isn’t what came to mind.  Political Correctness.  It is not okay to have a dissenting opinion – its the Abilene paradox to the nth degree.

Adults intellectually and during working hours, he went on.  Infants where feeling and desire are concerned.

I think I dated a few of these!

You’ve got to choose between happiness and what people used to call high art.  We’ve sacrificed high art.

More social commentary from A – The arts in schools are continually being cut.   Society is ‘sacrificing high art’.  To what end?  A Brave New World?

Then the argument began for the existing ‘natural’ order of the world.

But I don’t want comfort.  I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness.  I want sin.

In this utopia of contentment and happiness, I wondered based on  this quote.  How do you know if you are happy if you don’t know what sad is?

And, of course, stability isn’t nearly so spectacular as instability.  And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt.  Happiness is never grand.

Wow, I say.  Happiness is never grand?  Mr. Huxley obviously never was a parent.  The birth of a new child is happiness at its grandness.  The true miracle of pure innocence and joy!

My thoughts to wrap up this book.  The references to the ‘training’ during your sleep was eerily parallel to today’s marketing.  Who mends clothes any more?  Just throw them out and get a new pair.  “The more stitches, the less riches.”  Frugal and re-use is not the undercurrent we ‘hear’ in today’s world.  We are told how we should look, what we should buy, what will make us happy every day in the media today.  Very similar to the ‘training’ in the Brave New World.  The book eventually reviews the history of how the world got to this point  – a huge reaction to a world chemical war .  To stop the death and destruction, this new order was put in place – in desperation.  I wonder if today’s leaders would do the same given the circumstances.  We have the technology and where-with-all to create this ‘utopia’.  A bit scary.

Yet – I have faith in the human  spirit, our souls, our inner beings that would not be content with an overly structured world.  A world with no choices, a world with no sad, no fear, no death, no birth, no…. life.  No I don’t think we will get to the Brave New World but I think we will come extraordinarily close.

Thoughtful read – started the next book and dreading it…

Remember everyone… pick up a book, any book and READ!

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