A – WOWZA on Lolita!

I am preparing for vacation which included loading up my Kindle with the next book in the top 100.  When we started this crazy journey, I told myself I had to write in the blog before I could start another book.  I must admit to our literary friends out there that I do not like to write.  Read – you betcha, Write – procastinator!  Just ask my boss!  So in the true spirit of the blog, the engineer is writing and using the right side of her brain.  (well I am cheating a bit!)

I finished Lolita a few weeks back (procrastinator here).  Sitting down last night I took some time reflect on the story and what lingered with me from the book.  The first word that came to my mind – WOWZA!  This man can write.  Over and over when asked about the book, all that I could say was, not many people could pull off this story.  The subject matter is uncomfortable yet the story was compelling.

Being late and I need to get up to leave tomorrow, I am short cutting my post.  Here are my thoughts as they were written on the back of an envelope containing a letter from Heather:

  • WOW!
  • What an author – not many could pull it off
  • Emotional sine wave
  • Uncomfortable
  • Surprised I liked it!
  • Contrite ending *spoiler alert* gives birth to still born daughter and dies?  Really?
  • Addiction
  • Love no matter what
  • Questioned my definition of love, what is the normal?
  • Love gone wrong
  • Obsession
  • And English wasn’t his first language!
  • GREAT and worthy of the top 5 of the 100!

I am sure deep within me is the great prose to do this book a worthy review.  The book was fabulous and I will reccommend it to anyone.  Those that won’t read it because you think the subject matter is perverted, porn or too sexual – you are wrong.  I was.  The book is about the relationship – good or bad, right or wrong –  it is a twisted love story.  I guarantee it will grab you from the beginning, pull a myriad of emotions out of you and end with the feeling of satisfaction.  You know the feeling you have at the end of a good book… doesn’t leave you wanting more or disappointed or mad – it is just The End – ther right end.  And my oh my, what an ending!

Grab a book – any book!  Read!  Promise to be more insightful next time!

Good to be back blogging –  Andi


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