A- Lent and Stephen Dedalus

A quick post of thoughts before I go to bed.  I am reading, reading, reading!!  I had to let everyone know that I have not abandoned our literary adventure! 

My big thoughts are on reflection during this Lenten season.  A strange or is it a divine coincidence that the section I am reading in Portrait is Stephen’s struggle with his Catholic upbringing and the issue of sin.  He finds he likes sinning. He thinks of this as a darkness taking him over and he is contented by it.  He is calmed knowing this.  After this inner revelation, he is in college and attending a retreat of St. Francis (?) where he must think about the Judgement and how he is living his life.  The struggle between right and wrong and his soul ensues.

I am reading this at the same time attending Mass and actually paying attention to the readings in church. (I know a shocker on both counts!)  THE SAME THINGS!  Lent is all about reflecting on your sins, being a better follower of Christ and doing something about it.  The daily readings and reflections for Lent this year are the same references to the bible and cathechism that James Joyce has in the portion of the book I am reading.  I am actually understanding this book!  I think God wants me to continue on this literary journey and be a better Catholic all at the same time!  Who would have thought?


One response to “A- Lent and Stephen Dedalus

  1. The first time I read through your post I thought you meant you were reading Joyce during Mass at literally the same time. I was going to chide you for that one, but luckily I re-read it!

    I think it’s interesting that Stephen appeals to your religious side and I enjoy his literary bent. I, too, am enjoying this book a little better than Ulysses. Joyce may grow on us yet!

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