A -Pleasantly surprised by Joyce

I am in section III of Portrait and I am enjoying it.  I can’t believe I am typing that but I am not taking it back.  I like this James Joyce book.  There I said it again.  Who would have thought after the tome of Ulysses, I would enjoy a Joyce book?  Joyce’s style is still present but not in such a blatant way.  Stephen subtly grows up as you read.  I found the way Joyce writes this ‘growing up’ interesting.  As always the descriptive language is wonderful and the links to Irish history intriguing.   I think I will do a bit of research on turn of the century Irish politics to understand more of the environment of the times.  The context of politics is throughout and develops in complexity as Stephen ages.

As a parent, I have a different perspective while reading about Stephen’s loss of innocence. His gradual learning of the grey areas of life, what should be simple and right, is not.  Why can’t life be simple?  If only the world could behave as a child sees it.


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