A -Three are here!

Hello everyone.  Yes, we are
still here!  I am wiser this go round on my book orders from the library.  I have the next three on the list in my possession.  There will be no delay in my pearls of wisdom- lucky you!

I must admit I am grudgingly opening book number 3. 

James Joyces’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man…wait did I say Joyce?  As in James Joyce?  As in long complicated Ulysses James Joyce?  Gulp…. Yes.  Will this book be better? It is thinner!  A positive. 

From the book jacket-
…”portrays Stephan Dedalus’s Dublin childhood and youth and, in doing so, provides an oblique (oh no!) self-portrait of the young James Joyce.  (Mmmm…) At its center are questions of origin and source, authority and authorship, and the relationship of an artist (gag!) to his family, culture, and race.”

Oh my, here we go again.


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