A- Great Gatsby all done yet not satisfied

I have to admit I was waiting to post until Heather did.  I didn’t want to hog the blogspot here.  😀

Gatsby – what a great and gripping story.  Especially after Ulysses, I think my brain sighed with relief.  I concur with Heather on the use of descriptive words yet it was not over done.   At the end of the book, I was not satisified and did not feel all was resolved.  I am not sure why that is.

The struggle between Nick’s midwestern values and the east coast excess was interesting.   And I felt I never really saw Nick resolve his feelings on this.  Gatsby?  I am still digesting and reflecting on his character.  I think the most blatent theme is that living in the past is not constructive.  As time passes, the good things in life seem even better and shine brighter.  Gatsby’s life was so unfulfilling he lived his life seeking to regain the bright star is his life, Daisy.  Once he finds the star, it is not what he remembers it to be and it has changed, faded and flared out.  (I will not say what happens so I don’t spoil the ending)

There are themes on marriages, relationships, motivations, character, internal struggles, rich excess, and much more that I am not sure I even comprehend.

A very good book and I would recommend it to everyone.  (I already told my dear darling hubby to read it.)   I must admit I am headed off to Sparknotes.com to see what I did not get out of this story.  Not sure why this was #2 but I guess I will find out as we get to #100. 

Off to order #3 *gulp* another James Joyce. 

Keep Reading no matter what it is!


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