A – Goodness Where is my Gatsby?

OK I am waiting impatiently for my The Great Gatsby in the mail.  Friends are asking about the blog silence, so I thought I would post let you know, I am waiting for the library to get my book.  How sad that a classic isn’t in our library and must be transferred in.  Support your local libraries! 

I am filling my literary gap with a book lent to me by Heather.  One of her favorites, I believe –Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.  I have never read it much to Heather’s chagrin!  Not to worry fans we are still reading!  Open a book and lose yourself for a bit.  It’s wonderful…off to Heathcliff….

One response to “A – Goodness Where is my Gatsby?

  1. Well, I hate to disappoint but I have to comment to say alas, Wuthering Heights is definitely not one of my favorite books! I have no regard or sympathy for Heathcliff. But I am glad and highly impressed that you are reading that during our hiatus from the list!! Wow. I have basically spent my pre-Gatsby time watching reruns of How I met your Mother and reading… Calvin and Hobbes. Yep, found that in my closet last night on a search for some reading material.

    So you go girl!! You must post a review of Wuthering Heights, or even post a few tidbits along the way.

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