A- Five Minutes in My Mind

Five minutes in Andi’s head…..  Recorded while driving to work one morning.

 Okay I am gonna to try something a little different while I was reading James Joyce last night I realized that he does a stream of conscientiousness   consciousness  … and this dude is walking down oh they were going to the funeral well he was describing every little thing and what is going on in his mind so I thought it would be interesting to see if I could do this and talk my way through oh look there is the Stonecrest sign um faded do the and see if I could do the same thing and do this on my way to work.  First I pull over to the side of the road to get my head set on so I am not talking and driving.  Eating a graham cracker and am on my way.  I hope the crunching doesn’t bother the recording but I am hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry.  So. What if I don’t have any thoughts in my head as I drive down the road.  It could be that I don’t have a stream of conscientiousness.  I kinda have a dam.  You never know.  I don’t know.  It is a grey cloudy day.  It looks like it may rain.  We hope so.  We need the rain.  Umph.  I never noticed before that Chik-fil-a has a huge honkin’ flag up there. I wonder if they take it down every night like they are supposed to per the law, code whatever.  I learned that in Boy scouts.  Gotta remember to take in the boy scout folder in with me.  Oh got it. Very good.  Looks like a dreary day.  Guess if I was a writer I would be describing everything and streaming.  That is why I am an engineer not a writer.  Any way.  It’s a two lane road.  Backs on the (incomprehensible due to graham cracker) because civil engineers are stupid.  They can’t figure out.  Build a big center not give enough roadway for it.  Welcome to Florida.  Land of the republicans.  Gotta vote. I gotta to research on that voting.  I don’t know who I am gong to vote for. Mmmmm?  So any way. Now I am freaking out what am I supposed to think about?  Stream of conscientiousness  consciousness no wrong answer, right?  No wrong answer. Hum.  (Silence. Road noise)  James Joyce writes like we all have stream of consciences all the time.   Helloooooo.  Sometimes you don’t have any thoughts at all.  Is your mind going all the time?  Honestly, mine is not.  C—–’s surgery was yesterday.  She did fantabulous.  She was up all night. And I am headed to work and am late.  Duh.  This is kinda hard to do.  I have a better appreciation for what he wrote.  I wonder did he write. Hot coffee.  Ahhhhh.  BB&T.  I miss going to the BB&T basketball tournament with my Dad.  I wonder if ah he wrote it as a stream of conscientiousness  consciousness .  Or was he that intellectual that he could pretend that he was writing someone’s stream of conscientiousness consciousness .  Uh.. That guy’s bumper sticker.  Save a horse, ride a Harley Davidson.  Aaaahhhhh.  I am known for being late for everything I do.  I jokingly say that I was born early and am making up for the rest of life.  But really, um it is a bad reputation to have.  That will be my goal today.  You know, I look at the brush and there isn’t that much overgrowth cuz it is so over developed.  You look at the brush in Florida and think about who in the world decided landed their boat there and said Yeah let’s build a home here.  I say it is someone running from the law or it was an arranged marriage and she had no choice.  Pffffst.  (Laugh).

 There is 13 minutes more but I will end there.  Now stop and think if you had to make all that up… Ulysses is FICTION!!  Joyce pretended to be these people and wrote what was in their heads.  It is hard when it IS in your head, I can’t imagine trying to make up what I just did in five minutes on the road.  Whole new appreciation for his writing style.  Still struggling with what is going on but can appreciate the complexity of it all.

3 responses to “A- Five Minutes in My Mind

  1. Well, I think Ms. Linda gets points for reading 3 or 4 other books while chugging through Ulysses!!

    Loved the post – great stream of consciousness writing and very Joyce like. It did make me want to get out my red pen and start shaping up some sentences, though…

  2. LOL! I can’t spell and/or was very tired when I wrote this. Stream of con·scious·ness is a bit different than Stream of Conscientiousness. For me the two are definately not related when it comes to this blog! As for my mother… what do you mean that five minutes in my mind is a lost of conscientiousness? I believe I know where I get my word choice gene.. I think it was lost con·scious·ness. You all know what we meant!



    Off to edit my blog post! Ho ho ho!

  3. Linda Adams, A's Mom

    I lost conscientiousness reading both the noval and this blog! I have read 3 or 4 books while taking a break from Ulysses. Why is that you ask? I can’t stand that book…. But I will finish, especially since Heather’s Mom finshed. Iwant the grams to be the first to finish. I usually read in the morning or at night and Ulysses is defnitely a morning book. I actually like reading it at times, but need to enjoy a book as well as liking a book. I ENJOY books such as Earlene Fowler’s series about Benni Harper as well as LIKE to read them. Oh well, I’ll get back to reading again tomorrow.

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