A – Bonjour, Ca Va?

Wow is this getting interesting!  I am researching my ‘new words’ including German and Latin.  French – got it covered – six years of it and I finally can put it to use!  Bonjour mes amies!  Comment allez vous?  Je m’appelle Andi.  C’est un cravat.   Merci Beaucoup, Madames!

Heather ended her part I with musings and quotes.  Niiiiice!  So I decided to copy and I am starting section II (deux) with quotes.  Imitation is the fondest form of flattery! 

 ‘Good Puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub.  Save it they can’t.”  p. 58

Go Irish!  Haven’t met a pub we didn’t like.

 “Ahbeesee defeegee kelomen opeecue rustyouvee double you.” P. 58  

Love it!!!  It took me saying it out loud before I got it!  Come on you know you want to… say it out loud!

I must admit this is a HARD read and honestly the story hasn’t grabbed me yet but you know what… it is doing EXACTLY what we wanted it to.  I am enjoying something for me and my right brain.  So what if I don’t get the double entendres, the layers upon layers, the symbology, the Irish history… I am READING and enjoying myself.  Isn’t that what it is about?


One response to “A – Bonjour, Ca Va?

  1. I’m glad you’re looking up the words since I’m learning from that, and you’re getting to dust of your french = nice!!

    Keeping a log of our favorite quotes for a potential future project… 🙂

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